Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm back on the magic box

It's been tough doing without the internet. It has taken eight days for AT&T to get me back online and I've been twitching from not having my tool to maneuver with the outside world. Is Anybody Out There Who Cares About My Dilemma! I must have talked to ten different support technicians who kept sending me to more new voices. Argggg! The voices! I had to pull out my old customer service voice and remain calm.  Eight days later with a $70 new modem and I'm back. They saw me coming. 

Happy New Year! 
It's great to be back in a new home and a new year. We're still unpacking and I haven't found my cameras. So no photos to share on this post. 


  1. Shades of Ernestine! "We are the telephone company. We are Om-Knee-Po-tent." (Tomlin's satire never became irrelevant, sad to say.)
    Welcome back.

  2. Well, I haven't been cut off and I'm sooo happy to be back. Good to see you both (Gene and Manny).

    I remember Ernestine. I'm definitely middle aged if I can remember that skit. I'm in good company.