Thursday, June 11, 2015

Preschool Traffic Signs

I am done with my Child Development classes and my internship. I will continue to volunteer some hours because I would like to donate my time to make some items for the children to use at the preschool on the campus. Here are some traffic signs that I made with reused materials. The images and lettering I made out of cut out paper that I purchased at the local 1$ store. 

 Before we went outside to play we read a book about traffic signs to the children. They applied what they learned from our circle time to hands on learning. Cognitive and Motor Development skills made into fun play! The Children had a good time and so did I. 

We created something similar to Kidspace and all made with reused items (except for the 4 sheets of paper I purchased for .69 cents). 

With yellow chalk we created two lanes and with a pink chalk I drew arrows (see below) so they would know what direction they had to go to avoid any collisions. 

We also drew a crosswalk for pedestrians! We taught them to look both ways before going into the street.  The Signal light was created by the teacher Diana C. which has sticks and white cards to uncover the red light, yellow light, and green light. It has lights on both sides of the box for traffic coming the opposite way. 

So this is where I've been the past year. I should mention that I got Student of the Month in October and I was the winner of the Merit Scholar Award in Family Consumer Science in May. I will get my Child Development Certificate in July. It was a wonderful experience going back to school and realizing that I love teaching preschoolers. Homeschooling my girl for 4 years was the spark to get me excited about teaching young children. I have learned so much these past 9 years with my girl and I am so grateful. At this point of my journey I feel free and open to so much more!