Friday, April 10, 2009

Portrait "Pausa"

Pencil sketch scanned and digitally colored. 

I've finally devoted time on some work. This was great fun and I am hooked on the process. This is a small sketch that I did in a 5x8 sketchbook. I then scanned the drawing and colored digitally. Small. I would love to make some large pieces. I'm thinking about feet not inches. We'll see. 

I have neglected my blog. There is so much going on and I will have a lot to post in a couple of days. I need to spend more time on my projects so that I can have some great photos to post. I've got a sandbox and a watercolor (landscape) that I've been working on. I'm looking forward to putting up the step by step photos.
Thank you to my blogging friends who have come by and commented -  even when I have not posted for quite a while. It's great encouragement for me to keep blogging. Hugs to you!

Again, It's late and I'm tired. This piece has taken me about five hours to color and another hour to get it ready for posting.
I'm off to sleep.