Monday, January 12, 2009

All is falling into place

I've found my camera and I've recharged the battery. All I need now is a little time to post something new for you my friends to read. I'm sad to say that I didn't have time to take one photo. This photo is from Google Images.

We're still making some minor repairs and changes to the house to suit our lifestyle. We're also still childproofing nooks and crannies that a little one can get into. It's an old house and the electrical outlets need a little facelift.  McGuiver Manny my nephew came by this weekend and gave me a lesson on how to change a two prong outlet into a three prong . Yes, we did turn off the power by taking out a fuse from the fuse box. It was so exciting! 

We also don't have a drier (or room for one) so I'm drying clothes on the clothes line in the backyard. Sometimes the clothes don't dry fully with the sun going in earlier these days. That's no problem because I have a portable rack that I can put out in the living room to dry next to our floor heater. I love it! I don't mind the extra work and time it takes to do these daily chores. It's meditative for me and I especially like not having to go to the laundromat anymore.  

Life is good.


  1. Oh I love hanging clothes on the clothesline. The only part I dislike is when my jeans and towels get stiff and I have to iron them to soften them up. Unfortunately I do not have the same affection for the iron as I do the clotheline. haha

    I'm looking forward to seeing some of your own photos, but you did a nice job choosing one from Google. Who knew clothespins could be so beautiful?! Peace.

  2. Life is good...well, that's all that matters..lemme pray that life remains that way for u, for me and 4 everyone around us..

  3. tantra flower,
    Yes, I've discovered that clothing softeners work well for the stiff jeans. : )

    I will pray for everyone too. I know things are not well in your part of this little world of ours.
    Peace to you and your family.

  4. thanks my dear friend..what else is more valuable than a sincere friend's wishes..lemme reciprocate..