Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Days with my Gal

A chilly view of silhouettes from our bathroom window. When the sun comes up in the morning these are the shadows that reflect on our pebbled glass window. It's a striking sight when I walk in at the right time.

We have been busy making our decorations for the holidays. You can also see Toot's turkey made from construction paper, pine cone, feathers and eyes that move around in their plastic casings. The Christmas decorations are also great because we will recycle the paper and make new ones next year.

We also made it to the Huntington Gardens on the 3rd. We went with some friends in Toot's class. We had a fabulous time. So much to see and enjoy! I did get to take some photos of textures and nice shapes for inspiration. I'm anxious to paint again, but the days go so quickly and the sun is gone so early in the day. I need natural light to paint. I did have a great time photographing the desert gardens. So photography will have to be my creative outlet for now.

Potato printmaking this year for our Christmas cards.

We're making our Christmas cards this year. Well, I've been making them for several years now. It's become a Christmas tradition that I've started since my girl has been with us. It's possible that I did make our Christmas cards before she was born, but I don't remember anymore. This year she has added some details to a couple of cards. I did let her print a couple and I'll post the finished product in a few days. We're still working on them.