Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm feeling better today, but now the little one is sick. I haven't had time to post. She's on my lap as I type right now and crying. Sigh....It gets a little difficult sometimes................................okay, she's asleep again.

The good news is that I have sold some of my prints and a painting. My collectors are few right now and I am very happy to have them. I'll keep making more. I just have to. The drive to create art is very strong. When I stop I feel restless. So, I just do it. It feels like Ambrosia! There, I said it. I've always wanted to say that, but didn't want anybody to think I was some kind of a freak. I don't care...i am a little freaky. Ambrosia! Ambrosia! Hello, my name is Ambrosia.

Okay. It's late. I'm losing it. The little Po and I are off to bed. Sweet Dreams..........................

Monday, November 26, 2007

Under the weather

Things have been put on hold. I caught a cold. This is day two and I'm nursing myself back to good working condition (that cave was just too cold and lonely). I leave you with a photo of my little Po. I just hope she doesn't get sick. I'm staying warm and drinking plenty of teas and orange juice. Tomorrow is our Parent Education class and our time to see new friends.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Oaxacan worms

These holidays are coming too fast for me this year. I've been so busy trying to simplify that I just feel overwhelmed with too many little things to do. I didn't want to photograph our Thanksgiving dinner like I see in so many of the blogs I read (so I borrowed this one). Let's just enjoy and rest. Happy Thanksgiving and now let's get ready for the Christmas rush.

This time last year I made my own Christmas cards and this year I don't see that happening. The little one is a handful and it would be impossible to create 20 miniature paintings to give away as cards.

So, I'm trying to clear my head of recipes and parenting skills to see how I'm going to handle this next holiday. If I get too busy and forget to say, "Merry Christmas!" there it is. Sometimes I wish I could just go in a cave and drink eggnog and eat Oaxacan food accented with worms and crickets and wait for all this hoopla to end. Of coarse I'd take my Itty Bitty and Gorilla. Hey, and give me a holler when it's all over.

Okay enough of my sniveling. Get back to the drawing table and paint!

Showcased on Etsy until 12 pm

A quick note that I am being showcased in the Art Category on Etsy with 24 other artists until 12pm Eastern time. I've also put up three new pieces and they are originals. Come by and take a look and remember it's okay to open up the pocket book today. It's always great to buy Art! Just think how great it would be to own an original from Me!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Buy Nothing Day

Read more about this event and concept here.

I've been practicing this for a year now. I can go three and sometimes four days without buying anything. It feels good not to be spending. It's made me realize that I was buying things I didn't need or have any room for. At first it felt strange, but as time went by it felt natural and actually healthy....our savings account has also been stable and slowly increasing. I've been reading this blog to be encouraged and inspired.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm learning to put up some videos and found these two Cri Cri clips that were to my liking. The first one I dedicate to my mom and the second I dedicate to my sister.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Rooster

I've been a little weak at blogging. I've been trying to get started on a new project that involves a rooster and white canvas sneakers. With the little one tugging at my pants and climbing on to me, I can't get to doing anything that involves using both of my hands.

So here is one of my sketches of a stern looking rooster. I like the loose feel of the line quality. Simple and direct. I will be working with a different kind of paint that I'm not used to working with, but it shouldn't be a problem. I just have to get started. I will try to get photos up soon.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Farmer's Market

This is what we got at our local farmer's market. We do this on Sundays and I had to take a picture of our goodies today. Yummy!

I just love fresh fruit and vegetables and if I could grow them I would, but we can't do this when I have no garden. Our farmers market is local so we get to walk over and enjoy the morning with other fresh produce shoppers. It's a great feeling to be around other people who love great tasting fruits and vegetables. I've gotten so tired of supermarket fruits and vegetables that are overpriced and have no flavor.

This one is a beauty. Just as pretty as a dozen flowers I passed on because this was just so glorious.

I should mention that I also bought honey with the honeycomb. This is a first for me. Amazing stuff. I know not to put the honeycomb in with my tea. Fun!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Go Team Go!

I've got a few morning minutes to make a post. These past few days I've been busy with details on my Etsy store. It's important that I be ready for the new items I will be putting up. I've been working on some calling cards and getting some information from other Etsy artists who sell original work. There are a lot of sellers who are helpful to newbies and I am grateful to them. I plan to do the same when I get my sales up as an Etsy seller. So, I keep at it. A little at a time and things seem to be falling into place.

My sweetie said, "You're not going to get a home run if you don't swing at the ball." (I probably screwed up his quote, but that's the gist of it. I'm terrible at re-telling anything. If he happens to read this, I might fix it.)

He has been a big encouragement for me. I am so lucky to have him cheering for me because sometimes I can only hear the crickets in my head. He's my

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Attack of the Art Bug

I have completed another piece and it's a nice one. It has a japanese feel to it. The Art Bug is on to me like a rich intricate dream...I don't want to wake up.