Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Researching compost bins

Isn't this a nice one.

I've just started looking at different links to see how to make one of my own. This is my next outdoor project - A compost bin. I'm so excited. I also want to start growing some herbs or vegetables. I know we've got a lot of wildlife roaming around our backyard so I'll have to research on how to keep them from eating everything before we do.

Here is a link to a great site I've discovered and joined before we moved.
click here : Freedom Gardens

The Path to Freedom Journal blog linked me to Freedom Gardens. They are my neighbors and I've been inspired by their lifestyle. It is amazing what they are doing. Take a look.....Path to Freedom Journal.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Post

I have organized my art supplies in the drawers of my workspace. Hurray!!!
We got our plumbing fixed this past weekend and I'm so grateful to my sister for recommending a friend of hers. She is Super Manny's mom and she came to our rescue once again.
Thank you!! Super Sis!!

I'm off to bed. It's after 1am and I'm due some zzzz's.
Goodnight All!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Temporarily on Hold

I've been avoiding having to write this, but I will have to take a temporary break from posting any artwork. 

Our transition has not been going smoothly. There is a lot of work on the house that needs to be taken care of before I can get back into my twenty minutes a day of painting. It's been difficult and I've been so exhausted by the end of the day that I sometimes don't have the energy to post anything on here. 

I've been looking for classes for my Toot to take in our new area. So far I will not know until February 3rd if I will be able to get her into a class I'm trying to get her in. 

Roto Rooter came by today and we've found out that we need some expensive work done to our main line underground on our front lawn. They did a temporary fix for now and the major repair has to be done soon. 

The Toot was doing well with the Potty Training before the move, but now we're back to square one. She also hasn't been wanting to take her afternoon naps and she stays up all day. No more 45 minute breaks for me. I've got a whole spectrum of tantrums coming from her. So, when she finally goes to sleep I'm viciously munching on salted peanuts. I can't drink and I don't smoke - so I eat salted peanuts...and late at night. I know I must stop this and I will. 

Enough of my whining. 
I will try to post again soon.
Thank you to those of you who continue to check up on me here in my humble blog.

I miss my painting.

Monday, January 12, 2009

All is falling into place

I've found my camera and I've recharged the battery. All I need now is a little time to post something new for you my friends to read. I'm sad to say that I didn't have time to take one photo. This photo is from Google Images.

We're still making some minor repairs and changes to the house to suit our lifestyle. We're also still childproofing nooks and crannies that a little one can get into. It's an old house and the electrical outlets need a little facelift.  McGuiver Manny my nephew came by this weekend and gave me a lesson on how to change a two prong outlet into a three prong . Yes, we did turn off the power by taking out a fuse from the fuse box. It was so exciting! 

We also don't have a drier (or room for one) so I'm drying clothes on the clothes line in the backyard. Sometimes the clothes don't dry fully with the sun going in earlier these days. That's no problem because I have a portable rack that I can put out in the living room to dry next to our floor heater. I love it! I don't mind the extra work and time it takes to do these daily chores. It's meditative for me and I especially like not having to go to the laundromat anymore.  

Life is good.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Technical Problems with Internet

Okay, so here's an update on my internet connection. I was so happy to be back online, but when I went to bed after posting my last post, I got disconnected again the next morning. I got a phone message from AT&T that they discovered a problem with my connection. Frustrated and disappointed I waited for them to fix the problem and no one contacted me to let me know what the problem was or if it had been fixed. 
I just called Tech Support and got my internet back, but I may get disconnected again.  Sigh.....I'm taking it one day at a time. I know things will fall into place after we get into our groove. 

Still can't find my camera. Still unpacking, cleaning, and Toot started her classes today.
I'm hoping to get some time to paint again soon. I still need to organize my art supplies and desk. This will all fall into place soon too.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm back on the magic box

It's been tough doing without the internet. It has taken eight days for AT&T to get me back online and I've been twitching from not having my tool to maneuver with the outside world. Is Anybody Out There Who Cares About My Dilemma! I must have talked to ten different support technicians who kept sending me to more new voices. Argggg! The voices! I had to pull out my old customer service voice and remain calm.  Eight days later with a $70 new modem and I'm back. They saw me coming. 

Happy New Year! 
It's great to be back in a new home and a new year. We're still unpacking and I haven't found my cameras. So no photos to share on this post.