Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hiding Comments for Awhile

Photo: Our summer field trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

I've decided to omit the option for my readers to post comments. Not because I've been getting undesirable comments or spam, but because we are going through some changes here at home and I need to get through this with some sense of empowerment. Is that right? Is it okay for me to want to have a feeling of control when I know that everything I ever plan doesn't comes out the way I hoped it would. Most times the outcome is good and I've FINALLY learned to see the good in just about everything that's been happening in my life...once a major hurdle for me.

So here's the change: We may be moving out of our home and back into an apartment within a year. At the present time I am taking care of my mother-in-law 2 to 3 days a week. I won't get into the details of all I have to do for her, but she basically needs everything done for her and I am the one who is doing it for her. This is her home and she needs 24/7 care and I can't do it. It would be
impossible for me to take Toot to her classes two days a week. We pay rent, but we are living on the edge with an unpredictable relative ( Let's call her "Sista") who has been unreasonable with our schedule and the care my mother-in-law's needs. Sista has been making changes to the house and we've been cooperative with her schedule of people she's been sending to make these changes. Now September is coming and she's starting to dig her heals into the ground with the schedule we will need to go by so my girl can take her classes. Tomorrow we (might) find out what her problem is with the schedule. We had given her a schedule back in July and she's now telling us that it's not going to workout...a week before classes start. I don't know what to expect, but having to move out just may be our only option.

Enough of that. I have obviously been busy and I have not been able to paint. This has been a real disappointment which I have not been able to turn into a positive. Stop! That's not true because I have been sketching a lot and this has been a relief from the caregiving. I've got sketchbooks everywhere: My backpack, my car, dining room table, and my bedroom. Just so I can sketch for a few minutes. Here's an outline drawing I did of my Toot while we had an afternoon snack.

I just want to say that we did have a great summer filled with many new places and new friends. I'm sad that it has come to an end. We will have many wonderful memories of our summer here in Grandma's house.