Friday, May 17, 2013

"Mo and Mole" a Painting

"Mo and Mole" Opaque watercolor 12"x16" 
© Anna M. Rodriguez
I've been busy painting and here are some images of what I finished today. It feels great! Great!! To be painting every week for several hours. Painting is what I have to do to be well spiritually. Yes, I've been focusing on my spiritual journey and my painting is flourishing. It's all for myself and it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. What freedom!!

"Mo and Mole" (Detail...sort of) Opaque watercolor 12"x16" 
© Anna M. Rodriguez

Watercolors are comfortable for me so I'm challenging myself to work larger. There will be a couple more female images coming. A landscape ready for me to add color. I'm hooked. Any time I have between taking the Toot to school, homework, lunches, dinner, laundry, and taking care of the home I'm either drawing in a sketchbook or creating something to keep me from growing anxious because I'm not painting. 
I find myself waiting a lot for my girl..classes and other stuff. So I carry my art supplies in a canvas bag and keep at it. Ideas, sketches, thoughts. From that a painting is born.

"Mo And Mole" Opaque watercolor 12x16 
© Anna M. Rodriguez