Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Technical Problems with Internet

Okay, so here's an update on my internet connection. I was so happy to be back online, but when I went to bed after posting my last post, I got disconnected again the next morning. I got a phone message from AT&T that they discovered a problem with my connection. Frustrated and disappointed I waited for them to fix the problem and no one contacted me to let me know what the problem was or if it had been fixed. 
I just called Tech Support and got my internet back, but I may get disconnected again.  Sigh.....I'm taking it one day at a time. I know things will fall into place after we get into our groove. 

Still can't find my camera. Still unpacking, cleaning, and Toot started her classes today.
I'm hoping to get some time to paint again soon. I still need to organize my art supplies and desk. This will all fall into place soon too.


  1. when trouble comes it comes in trebles or the best friend.all will fall in place soon, u r right..

  2. Oh how frustrating. I was without internet for almost an entire month last year -- I had just moved here and the cable company simply had no appointments available for about three weeks. Finally they came, I had internet for one day before it suddenly shut down. Then I had to wait two days for them to come out again to fix it, which they did, and then same thing happened again! My patience was tested for sure.

    Everything will be OK and this problem with be behind you in no time. Namaste~

  3. Ooh, internet troubles are so annoying! I hate it when it's down . . . and then I get five times as much done. :)

  4. Hello,
    and Thank You for your comments Dear Friends.

    It looks like I am on with no disturbances. It's true about getting more done when I'm off the computer. I've cleared the final room from boxed items and I am relieved. Tired too.

    Now I rest.


  5. anna, thanks 4 stopping by..ya..when my friend said he started singing bollywood songs loudly after being surrounded by a pack of stray dogs, i also laughed out loud..hope the technical glitch gets corrected wishes always with you..