Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunflower Stamps

Recognize these Sunflowers? Pretty neat! I was surprised and pleased with the quality of the printing. The photo editing and design elements on the site are easy to use. I didn't need the embellishments except for a medium blue border around the Sunflowers. I will be using Photo Stamps again. Yes, they are real stamps. I just haven't decided if I'm going to use them and for what special occasion. 
The original drawing is for sale in my Etsy here to see.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Having fun learning!

 sketch: made with markers
It's the morning and I'm trying to sneak in a few minutes to post here . I've been trying to get back to our schedule here at home by cleaning and organizing in small spurts. I'm putting baby clothes that the Toot's outgrown into bags to give to a young family my sister knows. We've received some new "used" clothes for the Toot and now I've got to wash them and put them in drawers. I'm also starting to collect more learning material, art supplies, and musical instruments that also need to get sorted and put into bins, bags, and drawers. This is fun for me. When I was a girl I always enjoyed playing teacher or librarian and organizing my books and supplies. I've got an eager student and it's all coming back to me! 

I am reading about Parenting and Homeschooling because I'm still learning myself and it's nice to get some ideas where I have no idea what to do. We aren't interested in putting her in preschool and I know I can teach her the basics, but mostly I want her to have a love of learning new things everyday. I am grateful that I can be home with my little one to Love and Learn.

Speaking of learning....this  is a camera I got for my birthday (it's pretty!). I'm currently reading the manual to learn how to use it. It's a lot of camera for me, but with some reading I know I can manage it. I should be able to get some nice nature photos from it. 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A New Piece - "Dreaming in Bubbly Water"

Dreaming in Bubbly Water
media: watercolor with minimal ink lines
Things are going well in the painting department. Production is steady and constant. The elves are busy getting ideas in order and pushing compositions to the drawing table. Occasionally one goes on a divergent path and comes back with more snippets of inspiration. I'm overwhelmed with excitement and I can't wait to start another piece.
This is up for sale in my Etsy store.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A watercolor and bow-tie pasta

I have enough time to post these two photos of what I worked on this afternoon. A detail of a watercolor I've been working on since last week. I'm not done and I'm having fun working on a full figure. I'm also trying out some new watercolors I got for my birthday (which was last month, 44 years living!).

Also, a dish made from a recipe I got from Woman's Day magazine, "Bow-ties with Spinach & Cherry tomatoes". This was a tasty dish for a summer lunch. The spinach and the cherry tomatoes I got at our farmer's market. Delicious! A lot of similarities in color pallet. This was the first time we've had bow-tie pasta and the Toot had fun calling them butterflies and gobbling them up.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Living Life with My Daughter

Today we spent the day at a birthday party. The birthday girl was Veronica who was a classmate in our Parent/Child class. It was another first and we had a great time. It's become more apparent what she enjoys doing and it's a delight to see her eagerness to try new things. Go! Tootie Go!

This is definitely the best part of my life so far and to think that there was a time in my life when I didn't want a child is such a joke now. The happiness and love I feel is Real. I'm enjoying every bit of my little girl. Everyday when I wake up I look forward to see what our day will bring. We are both eager to learn new things. So simple and so amazing what we can do with what we've got.

This smile is my love and I want her to live her life with a passion to do good and be happy. I am grateful!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Huntington Gardens in July

The children's water garden is the highlight for the Toot! Water squirts out from the sides of the fountains and there are small sculptures of koi fish in the shorter pools.
Crows and an apple on a marble bench in the children's garden.

Los Angeles photography exhibit from 1860's to the present.

An outdoor installation by Allan Sekula. Photos were placed in various places in the Huntington Gardens between two art galleries.

Quick photo of a fountain with real koi fish. We were leaving the gardens and I quickly took some photos so I wouldn't come home with no record of today's trip.
I could spend hours wandering the many gardens and galleries, but we had to leave for lunch and a nap.

link to the Huntington here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Till Dark my Sweet...what ever happened to Jason Patrick

I've been getting the vehicle ready for driving around town. Paperwork and what not. Tomorrow we are off to the Huntington Gardens again. As my Toot gets older I am able to enjoy some of my favorite things to do. She's able to walk into a gallery and not cause a scene. She's in training and I'm more eager to show her Art than trying to get her to use The Potty. There is so much to see and I'm so excited for her. My sister and her husband will be joining this time. I'm hoping to get some nice photos to put up here.

This heat is getting to be a bore. Give me rain and clouds for the creative flow! I'm sitting here numb from the heat. Blahhh!

So, any comments about the new music when you click onto my blog? Should I keep it or lose it? It keeps surprising me when I click on it. Sometimes the sound on my computer is on too loud and it scares the pulgas out of me.

No photos today.