Friday, August 29, 2008

Amazing Historical Event!

So much excitement is in the air and I'm inspired. There is hope!

It's like breathing fresh air and time to air out The White House.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flirting with Time


I'm surprised that I got another drawing done tonight. There just isn't any time to draw when the Toot is awake. So, I take advantage and stay up late to make something that comes out immediately. Since I have a monitor next to me I can hear when she's stirring and might wake up. It's great when I can get a couple of hours of drawing time. 

I want these hot days to end so I can get some paintings started on my watercolor blocks. I can only work in daylight with watercolors and acrylics. So I change my medium and work with what I'm able when the days are this balmy. 

It's time to get my Obama and Biden sticker. My heads buzzing from watching CNN's coverage of the convention. So how does one get a invited to one of these shindigs? 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I like to watch.....

A sketch to scratch the creative itch.
I'm glued to the set watching the Democratic National Convention. No Curious George for the next few days. 

Monday, August 18, 2008

Summertime....Slow but sure!

Slow...............Slow..............Slow...........My computer is slow and it's making me sleepy waiting for my turn to put anything up. I made myself a cup of coffee while I waited. The Toot's taking her nap and this is my only opportunity to get on the computer. 

I've been waiting for my two Sculpy pieces to dry and this has been going on for over a week now. I also made some Sculpy stands for them. I've sealed the paintings and the stands with a clear varnish and it's taking a long time to dry completely. So I wait, and wait, and wait.

The heat has been slowing me down too. Some days I knockout on the couch while the little one is napping. Summertime is always hard on me and I can't seem to get much artwork done. 

We've been to the library a lot and having a fun time there. We've found one that has a great children's area that the Toot enjoys very much. She makes friends easily and I'm glad she has this quality in her. She's also learning to move on when someone doesn't want to play. No hurt feelings just keep going with your own fun. Today we met a cute little red head named Phoenix. She was about a year older than my Toot and they got along fine playing with the sponge blocks together. In a couple of weeks we'll be starting our Mommy and Me class again.  I will try to get her in some kind of dance class that will also be starting in September. 

I'm still trying to get organized and clearing out clutter. It's getting done...slowly. I've still got her playpen in the living room that is full of stuffed animals and toys. That is my next project that I'd like to have out and sorted in a different room and in a box or shelved. 

It seems that cleaning is the only thing I can get myself to do these summer days. I like the workout and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish. This has probably been my usual routine every year and I never thought about it until now that I've typed it. Yes, I like to clean. It's meditative for me. Tomorrow the Toot and I will be going to my father's house and I'll be cleaning over there. I want to give his kitchen a thorough cleaning. He enjoys yard work and he's been working on a backyard fence over the summer, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to help him where I knew he needed it. Today I went to the store to buy some cleaning supplies and now I'm ready for a good workout. 

Sunday, August 10, 2008

On the Bus - A field trip

We have been out and about. Last week we had a special field trip riding the city bus. My brother-in-law is a driver for MTA and he's got a sweet route that took me back to my childhood. This is my sister sitting next to the Toot.

She's losing her patience look. I kept asking her to look at the camera and Smile!

This is what I got when I tried to get my brother-in-law, my sister and the Toot in the same picture frame. I was so preoccupied with the composition that I didn't see what she was doing when I clicked the camera. 

We had a fun time and I especially enjoyed the view of my old neighborhood, Lincoln Heights, Boyle Heights and East LA. We rode through streets that I hadn't gone by since I was a kid. Funny, some of the streets and hills that we drove by still come up in my dreams. So much has changed. This is inevitable and a little sad. I remembered my mother and some of the places she used to patronize. Soto street.... the diet doctor, la libreria and the Sears store south of 1st street. We passed the small store where she would by masa harina for her tamales. 

This new week we will be going to a small petting zoo in Montebello. I will try to get some photos for that field trip too.