Monday, October 18, 2010

Finally a finished piece

" Five O'clock Shadow "

Yes, I know it's a bit gay and I love it!
I think she looks a bit like me..if I were a man.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting Ready to Spook!

Here we are in October! These are some photos of my girl just before we got sick with a cold for two weeks. We were shopping at Big Lots and she wanted this mask so badly. She knew what she wanted to do with it and couldn't wait to get home to start her mask. She's lucky that I've got different paints for different canvases or projects. We used Acrylic on this and it worked perfectly.

Having fun with Toot. The summer came and went so quickly and we were busy with an awkward schedule that we didn't have much time to just have fun and paint. She's doing so well with her ideas and making them come to life. I love the energy and when Daddy's at work I let her make her messes and we clean it all up when he's getting close to coming home.
She reminds me of a character in the movie The Warriors.

photo: Google Images

So our cold keeps coming back. I was finally feeling better today and she woke up coughing. It's been tough and I think Daddy's caught it today too. I hope I don't get it again because it hit me hard this time and my head felt like a watermelon. I couldn't do anything for a whole week. I've got sores in my nose from all the nose blowing. Too much information? Lucky I didn't post photos.

I am posting here that I've decided to write a children's book myself. That's it. I've said it and now I'm going to have to do it.
I've renewed my membership to
so I can stay in touch with my goals. Small steps is all it takes. That's just right for me.

I am reading this:

Photo: Amazon images

and I'm enjoying it very much. I am dreading the day when my girl has to go the public school. I'm afraid of the bad habits she will pick up and the attitudes she'll be facing. It's a scary thought. So, I try to learn from these books and apply as much as I can while I have her. Hopefully!!! I am building a strong foundation for her and she will not lose her drive for learning.