Thursday, December 18, 2008

We are moving

Baking cookies is what I've been busy doing these past couple of days. The Toot and I delivered our cookies to family this morning. 

Next week will be the last week we'll be spending here in our apartment. It's time for a new chapter in our lives and we are ready. It will be nice when we are finally out of here. There are a lot of good memories and some bad which are not worth mentioning. 

I've managed to put up some lights on our living room window to get into the spirit of christmas. We're keeping it simple and it's been less stressful for all of us. 

Between packing, cooking and decluttering I'm making time to read and play games with my Toot. She's growing fast and I don't want to think back and regret that I didn't slow down to spend time with her. I'm also turning off the television to spend more time to listen and talk to my girl. It's too easy to turn on the tv when I need to clean or cook and I've promised myself to not do that anymore. I've realized that when I turn it off that she can keep herself occupied with her toys and books. Having her move around and using her imagination is encouraged. I look forward to having a backyard for us to play and garden in. 

We are getting close to our move out day (Dec 27th ) and I may not get a chance to post again until the new year. We will be busy packing, unpacking and settling into our new environment....our home. I may be disconnected for a couple of days. We'll see. It may be a smooth transition if AT&T does their business right...and for a charge of $47.50.


  1. This season will give you wonderful memories!
    Here's to Happy Times in your new home.

  2. Thank you Gene.
    May the holidays keep you well. Stay warm and serene.

  3. Give me a shout if you need help reconnecting to the outside world after the move.

  4. We just got home from moving some boxes over to our new place. Did a lot of cleaning. We're resting now.
    Thanks Cindy and Manny, Merry Christmas to you both.

  5. have a wonderful fun-filled time..


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  7. Hey, was hoping you get a chance to come to Robot Nine and play the Picture Puzzle today.


  8. Just stopping by to wish you and your loved ones a prosperous 2009, full of joy. I hope the move went well and all is good. Peace.