Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Temporarily on Hold

I've been avoiding having to write this, but I will have to take a temporary break from posting any artwork. 

Our transition has not been going smoothly. There is a lot of work on the house that needs to be taken care of before I can get back into my twenty minutes a day of painting. It's been difficult and I've been so exhausted by the end of the day that I sometimes don't have the energy to post anything on here. 

I've been looking for classes for my Toot to take in our new area. So far I will not know until February 3rd if I will be able to get her into a class I'm trying to get her in. 

Roto Rooter came by today and we've found out that we need some expensive work done to our main line underground on our front lawn. They did a temporary fix for now and the major repair has to be done soon. 

The Toot was doing well with the Potty Training before the move, but now we're back to square one. She also hasn't been wanting to take her afternoon naps and she stays up all day. No more 45 minute breaks for me. I've got a whole spectrum of tantrums coming from her. So, when she finally goes to sleep I'm viciously munching on salted peanuts. I can't drink and I don't smoke - so I eat salted peanuts...and late at night. I know I must stop this and I will. 

Enough of my whining. 
I will try to post again soon.
Thank you to those of you who continue to check up on me here in my humble blog.

I miss my painting.


  1. It's arough patch, but you'll be OK. the "new" phrase (actually, the sentiment is very old)easily adjusts to "Yes I can."

  2. That's right. Thank you for the reminder. We'll be getting rain soon and that always makes me feel better.

  3. Take care my friend ... step by step things will be done.

  4. Please try to take time out to nurture yourself every day...even if it's only two minutes. You deserve that time. You take care. Peace.

  5. Gene, Pura, Tantra,

    Your messages are a reminder to keep things simple. Thank you.

    The rain is lovely. It's slowing me down and it sure is beautiful to see.

    Have a peaceful weekend everyone.

  6. hi Anna, thanks for passing by my blog..stay connected and take care..

  7. Hi Anna, I have read through your blog and my heart goes out to you and your little girl - hopefully she will settle down again and everything will get back to normal. Even without big changes in kids lives, they can be a handfull, I have two of my own and I know what its like to have a moment to myself.
    Wishing you both "smooth sailing" ahead - chin up - lots of well wishes, Val