Monday, November 26, 2007

Under the weather

Things have been put on hold. I caught a cold. This is day two and I'm nursing myself back to good working condition (that cave was just too cold and lonely). I leave you with a photo of my little Po. I just hope she doesn't get sick. I'm staying warm and drinking plenty of teas and orange juice. Tomorrow is our Parent Education class and our time to see new friends.


  1. Hope you get well soon ... your painting work is very good and colorful, great job you've done, congrats.
    So cute your little one.
    Greetings from Spain.

  2. Thank you Pura.
    I am feeling much better today. Tasks are getting done a little slower, but they are getting done.

    I am so excited with the sale of some of my prints and a painting from my store. I sometimes feel fear of failure and when I do I remember to just let go and just keep going.

    Are you participating in the apron swap over at Rhonda's blog? I check in there daily. I just haven't posted a comment for a while.

    Take care. A hello from California!

  3. She is such a sweetie. Renew your spirit and spring back full of energy . You are doing great! Love your Prints. Take care

  4. Wow! Look at her eye's you could actually see an image in the light of her eye's. Take care, be patient and most of all be strong. Love you!