Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Oaxacan worms

These holidays are coming too fast for me this year. I've been so busy trying to simplify that I just feel overwhelmed with too many little things to do. I didn't want to photograph our Thanksgiving dinner like I see in so many of the blogs I read (so I borrowed this one). Let's just enjoy and rest. Happy Thanksgiving and now let's get ready for the Christmas rush.

This time last year I made my own Christmas cards and this year I don't see that happening. The little one is a handful and it would be impossible to create 20 miniature paintings to give away as cards.

So, I'm trying to clear my head of recipes and parenting skills to see how I'm going to handle this next holiday. If I get too busy and forget to say, "Merry Christmas!" there it is. Sometimes I wish I could just go in a cave and drink eggnog and eat Oaxacan food accented with worms and crickets and wait for all this hoopla to end. Of coarse I'd take my Itty Bitty and Gorilla. Hey, and give me a holler when it's all over.

Okay enough of my sniveling. Get back to the drawing table and paint!


  1. Fantstic colors! I love the blue colors they remind me of the boys in Blue, DODGER BLUE! that is.

  2. Happy to hear sales are in gear! I saw this sight as I was trying to find my yahoo group that I set up for moms of special needs kids. It's tempting but lately I.E.P."S and regional centers, and Dr. appointments are bringing me down, Yet the desire to work is high. I am in such a funk. yuk! I will try to post this week. I am also trying to pull others along to keep the fires burning and desire from fizzling out. Trying to get those networks up and running! ------------Peace--------------and------love -----to you and yours..................