Sunday, November 11, 2007

Farmer's Market

This is what we got at our local farmer's market. We do this on Sundays and I had to take a picture of our goodies today. Yummy!

I just love fresh fruit and vegetables and if I could grow them I would, but we can't do this when I have no garden. Our farmers market is local so we get to walk over and enjoy the morning with other fresh produce shoppers. It's a great feeling to be around other people who love great tasting fruits and vegetables. I've gotten so tired of supermarket fruits and vegetables that are overpriced and have no flavor.

This one is a beauty. Just as pretty as a dozen flowers I passed on because this was just so glorious.

I should mention that I also bought honey with the honeycomb. This is a first for me. Amazing stuff. I know not to put the honeycomb in with my tea. Fun!

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  1. Beauty at it's finest. Love the Music!