Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Buy Nothing Day

Read more about this event and concept here.

I've been practicing this for a year now. I can go three and sometimes four days without buying anything. It feels good not to be spending. It's made me realize that I was buying things I didn't need or have any room for. At first it felt strange, but as time went by it felt natural and actually healthy....our savings account has also been stable and slowly increasing. I've been reading this blog to be encouraged and inspired.


  1. It's 2:52pm and I haven't spent a cent. We went for a walk to the post office to pick up our mail. Stopped at the Park on our way back and had leftovers for lunch. I'll probably read a book from the library a little later. This is easy!

  2. Sorry. We went out and saw "No Country For Old Men"
    Then we went to Sammy's Camera and bought a new Digi Cam

  3. I warned you. You could have come over and we could have baked and read poetry to each other in front of the fireplace. A banana bread loaf would have been wonderful, but I'll accept the Digi Cam since you already purchased it (wink).