Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Details, Dreams, Funerals and Etchings.

Because of this heat its been difficult to post anything on the blog. Around here the little one is my priority and I'm doing my best to keep her cool and happy. She's happy and so here I am for a few words.

I just received information about the funeral services for Thelma. I will be going to the viewing and the funeral. I don't have too many experiences with death. I tend to block out the experience - then later I can't remember the details. Kind of reminds me of how I drank. Today I don't drink to get numb. I just don't drink anymore. Maybe now the details will be more concrete and not disappear like a morning dream.

This is an etching Thelma gave me several years ago when she was moving into a smaller apartment. It hung in her living room for many years. It hangs over our mantel now and I always think of her friendship when I look up at it. In my eyes the figure in the piece will now be Thelma.

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