Friday, August 31, 2007


My friend Thelma has passed on. Thelma was a great friend and a voice of love and happiness in my life. She held on until her 104th birthday which was on the 26th of August and passed away on Wednesday the 29th.
I will miss her voice and her stories, but I will never forget her.


  1. Rest in Peace, Thelma. I'm sending some hugs to you, Anna.

  2. Thank you, Rhonda.
    I know Thelma would have agreed with your approach to living.

    Thelma would make me smile, laugh and sometimes cry with her "suggestions" about how I should handle a situation that I'd put myself in. I don't have very many friends and she was one of the few I did have. I know she would be encouraging me to make more friends and I am trying.

    Rest Thelma.

  3. How sad. Though I didn't know Thelma personally, you spoke highly of her which says a great deal. May she rest in peace.