Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Bunny Smile

My little bunny.

I have started a new painting and working on it off and on. With this great weather I'm taking advantage of the time to produce more work.

We will be going to the County Fair this weekend and I'd like to take some photos and that means I would have to take my precious digital camera that we got fixed. I've been very careful with it since we got it back so I haven't been taking many photos outside of home. I miss taking pictures outside. I'm going to take the camera.

I remember someone telling me that I smiled too much. I just gave them a mischievous smile in response. Later, I did go through a period in my life when I didn't smile so much. I'm so glad I got my smile back. So I send a big smile to everyone - especially you miserable ones who think I smile too much.


  1. Hello, i've found your blog through Rondha's and liked so i'll be visiting you.
    Great artist work.
    Greetings from Spain.

  2. Hello Pura,
    Welcome and Thanks for the comment. It's nice to know that I have a friend of Rhonda's visiting here. I checked out your blog and I can see we have many similarities. Fun! I've discovered other kindred spirits through her blog. I look forward to visiting you as well.
    I love that you have spanish and english on your blog. I can brush up on my spanish. I need the practice.


  3. No such thing as smiling too much, the burden is automatically lifted by a smile; if only by a tiny bit, that's still a lessened weight.


  4. Gene,
    So true. And I didn't even have to practice smiling in front of the mirror.

    Thanks and Peace.

  5. Here's a bunny smile for you Mary lou!

    P.S - You looked great climbing those walls! I also like the new look.