Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cooler Morning

I've been up early and taking advantage of the quiet time. Itty is sleeping and hasn't stirred for an hour now.
Today she and I are going the The Lincoln Memorial Cemetery for Thelma's burial.

I've decided to buy an etiquette book to keep myself in check the way Thelma did for me. Most people nowadays would be offended if someone tried to educate them on these matters. It was a lesson for me and I appreciated it that Thelma took the time to explain these details so I may use them in my daily life. I will be passing these courtesies to my Itty.

Got to go!

Everyone have a wonderful day! Smile at someone today or as many people as you can -just because it feels good. This was Thelma's motto! Oh, did I mention that she lived to the age of 104!

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