Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sculpy Stage 2

Here they are ready to go in the oven. Curious to see what they'll feel like after they harden. I've read that I will be able to sand and file any details after they're cooked. This is where I wish'em safe travels!

All three are about 3" high and 2" across.


  1. These ae pretty cool. So how did the cooking go? What is your next plan for them?.......................
    I never thought of myself as eccentric, quirky yes. I think I like it! :) Also, You need to tell me how to set up links so People can view your stuff. Oh and I got to meet Andy Garcia! That was fun. Maritza thought her mom was coolio. That was the best part! Thanks Andy for making me look cool in my daughters eyes!!! And thanks Anna for putting me out there. :)

  2. You do deviate from the norm and that's why I always feel like I'm taking in a breath of fresh air when I get a chance to visit you.

    I hope you don't mind being part of my exclusive social club. It's so exclusive that the members don't know they are in it. As you can see from my logic, I'm the chairwoman.

    You will have to come over so I can give you a quick lesson on adding links. It's easy. (An exclusive social club meeting.) Okay, I'm freaking myself out now. Let's just get together soon!

    I haven't fired them yet. I want to get through these hot days before I turn on the oven. Maybe next week when they are predicting it to be a little cooler.

  3. We spent the day at the ranch. I'm so done. After this heat I think I"m well done. Don't care if I ever see another horse again!!! I hope it cools down you can cook these :)


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