Friday, May 2, 2008

A Beautiful Book for $2

I've been wanting a cookbook with traditional Mexican recipes and I've found it at the 2nd hand store. This was a great find and I grabbed it knowing this was a gem. It's got some wonderful photos of the people and the food. Here is a sample of the inside....
There are recipes from different regions.

A pair of beautiful ladies. Probably a mother and her daughter. This photo reminded me of the time I helped my mother sell some mexican planters on our driveway. They were beautifully painted and in a variety of shapes and colors.
Rompope! I will be making this for my father. 

The three fingers I slashed with a utility blade a week before I went to Japan for a month (you can see the scar on the index finger). Oh, and a man carrying home some fresh fish for dinner. I would love to go visit Mexico. There are many amazing photos in the book and I'm aching for a trip to another country. 


  1. SHIT YOU SCORED! That book goes for $60 on amazon.

  2. I knew it! I just got a look at Amazon. Great reviews! It's time for a dinner party. I'm so excited with this buy. You see, it's good to shop at the 2nd.

  3. Mexico is a wonderful place. I travelled extensively throughout during my childhood and spent summers in the Yucatan. Good thing I got to take Manny there twice back in my rocking out days!

  4. What a treasure.I'm sure the recipes must be delicious! ... we have gone to a Mexican restaurant here in Alicante and the Mexican food is really wonderful.