Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Old Scooter (in my mind) My Horse!

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My nephew will be bringing it back to life. I can't believe that there was a time when I was fearless and rode all over town in my little blue scooter. I was young and fancy free. A free spirit! The freedom I felt was awesome! She's in good hands. Thanks Manny for restoring her. 

I'm simply happy to see it being taken care of. That lifestyle was another time and a part of my life that I can now give a gentle goodbye. 


  1. IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After a new battery (thanks to Temple City Powersoprts & Pasadena Yamaha)
    New tires, tubes, fuel lines, fuel filters, spark plug cap (Choke motorcycle shop)
    Carburetor (ebay)
    Cleaning of the gas tank (Mission Road Radiatorshop)
    Misc. stuff (AutoZone & Kragen)
    She/He has stirred from the nineteen year slumber. I've got some fine tuning to do before it is road worthy.
    Anna, did the scooter have a name?
    As I remember it you liked to name everything.

  2. Alice B. Toklas!

    I'm impressed Manny! You did it again! You've got magic in them hands. Hugs!

  3. Not an attractive woman.
    Hopefully with a scrub up and some new shoes you can come by a new name for her.

  4. I guess you didn't get it. It's before your time and not your cup of tea.

    The Gorilla got a laugh from it. He's an old silverback.

    She's yours now. You'll have to give it a new name.



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