Friday, May 23, 2008

Beautiful Rain

I enjoyed every drop of rain we got today. I was out and about with the Toot when it started to rain for a few minutes. We all needed a nice cleansing. 

It's difficult for me to hear about someone who is suffering from depression and they can't let go of the pain. I was there for a long time. I had to read, read, read, read and read some more to get out of it. One book led me to another and then another and this is where I am. Here. Not alone hiding under the covers. Not alone drinking myself to a deep despair . Not alone hurting. Lately, I've been so excited about everything. The simplest task can make me feel so alive and grateful. There's that word again, but I am. Gratitude was the key to getting me out of my gloom and doom. 

“Do not go after the past, Nor lose yourself in the future. For the past no longer exists, And the future is not yet here. By looking deeply at things just as they are, in this moment, here and now, the seeker lives calmly and freely. You should be attentive today, for waiting until tomorrow is too late. Death can come and take us by surprise-- How can we gainsay it? The one who knows how to live attentively night and day is the one who knows the best way to be independent.” -Bhaddekaratta Sutra


  1. Very nice, but don't shortchange yourself. You did it.

  2. Oh yes, I did it all to myself and I am the one who chose to get better. Relief came when I stopped pointing my finger at someone else to blame for my misery. I saw my part and made my way out of the perpetual sadness and anger I wrapped myself in.

    ....nice of you to visit. I hope you are well and enjoying the nice weather in your patch of desert sand.

  3. Hi that is a really nice picture of that flower did you take that or did you just get it off the internet.Im just asking cause im into nature.

  4. Hi Mystery,
    Yes, I took the photo myself. I was at the zoo and saw this flower just starting to wilt and I thought how beautiful it was. I had to capture this phase of its life. Reminded me of how everything changes, even our lives.
    Glad you liked it.