Monday, May 12, 2008

Sculpy Project

Time is so limited for creating any artwork.

I finally managed to get the Sculpy project started today. It's been sitting on my art table for weeks now so I just plunged myself to work. This is just an outline and I plan on working in some details with my carving tools.

A little difficult to see at this stage, but they will evolve beautifully from here. 

I'm excited to get more work done on these. 

Nobody told me it would be easy to work at home and take care of my Toot. This has been the challenge. This is when I say the Serenity Prayer. Will I have the wisdom to know the difference? What's my next step when it comes to my art? I've downsized my creative space to a table top. The easel is folded up and gathering dust. I've not sold anything on Etsy in months. What's the next step? 

Well, right now, the next step is to take care of my Toot who caught a cold this weekend. She's asleep on my lap as I type this. I just happened to have my camera in front of me to illustrate my point. Look at me, I'm multitasking! 


  1. mothers revolt!!!! take back your time and get crackin'! I tell you there is no time to work. The only reason I did my Papel Picado is because it was a request. damm it is so labor intensive! I like doig it but it does take up so much time and you no moms have no time to spare. I dropped everything and nothing else got done. Matt has not had a bath in days! Someone's going to report me!!! haha:)...... guess he'll get one today! I was wondering what you were up to. I kept looking for a meal or something but day after day nothing! Glad you found some time to play a bit.

  2. That's bath for Matt in days. My little stinker hasn't had one in a while because she caught a cold and I didn't want to make her more sick with a bath. The days were cold and now it's hot. Yes, today a bath! She looks a little crusty in the photo....foochie!

  3. I did make a delicious Lasagna yesterday, but no pictures. Sorry, no photos for mother's day feast. We went out to eat and I was so disappointed on my choice of restaurant and Albondiga soup. I've got to learn to make it myself. My mother was the only person I knew who could make it.