Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trunks and a Daisy

These photos were taken a couple of days ago when we went to the park. The sun was bright and ready to set. She wasn't a very willing model. Good enough. 
My little hippie.

Today..right is raining and I love the sound. We need this rain and I look forward to the bright-green- clean colors on the plants and leaves.

Earlier this morning I was pleased to start a sketch for a new painting. The Toot was engaged with her watercolors right beside me. This was a great morning. Both of 
us being creative on the dining room table and listening to the rain outside. We are so grateful. 

I was feeling guilty for not spending time with her. Again, I got caught up with cleaning and organizing. I would leave her alone to play and I could see that she wanted me to spend some time with her. Today I stopped what I was doing to spend simple fun time with her. We have a great
 time when there is no pressure to complete a task. We simply have fun being together.

This home is starting to feel like home. She no 
longer cries,"I want to go home".

 A lot of kisses and hugs and we are all feeling better. 


  1. That is so nice that you had some nice together time with your daughter. As a mother I completely understand how hard it can be to keep balance. There is always work to be done. Especially during a move -- it is no easy task to get organized and make your new house feel like home! Just remember to take time out just for you too! Namaste, lovely lady.

  2. cute photos..good to hear u had a nice time..hey friend, thanks 4 passsing by..great to c yr comment..


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