Monday, February 9, 2009


I found this alive when I was cleaning the spare bedroom. It made my toes curl and I yelped from the creeps. Now I know how Miss Muffet felt. I caught it and put it in a container with holes on the lid. I had it on the window sill above our kitchen sink and I accidently dropped it in the dish water. Some water got in and the poor thing drowned. 

It's called Steatoda grossa or a False Black Widow.
I turned everything upside down and vacuumed every nook and cranny. I get the creeps every time I think about it crawling around in that bedroom. It was only about a half inch long, but a look at that bulbous posterior sure made me jump back three feet.  I couldn't find too much information on Google, but I was able to quickly find a photo and the name for this menacing creature. Females could live up to six years!
I'm ending this post because I'm getting the willies every time I look at the photo. I usually like looking at photos of spiders and insects, but when it's one that was inside my home and in a bedroom...well it isn't as fun to look at. 
Check out Bug Sufari. She does a beautiful job of photographing spiders and all sorts of insects. 


  1. Wow, great bug post! Looking forward to more of the bugs you find at your new house (hopefully outside!), and maybe even some bug art!

    And thanks for the mention, too!

  2. What a pity that such a lovely creature is so frightening in appearance.*sigh* I too try to save the little bugs if I can. Too bad s/he drowned, but better that than to be running around in your house.:)

  3. Oh they are very dangerous. I have some bitter experiences.

    Thanks a lot for hitting my blog.

  4. thanks for stopping by Cindy, Tantra Flower and Human Observer.

    Sorry, spider.