Monday, February 16, 2009

Composting for the first time

Here is my kitchen bucket for my Kitchen Greens and Kitchen Browns. It's got a tight lid to keep the small fruit flies out.

I've even got coffee grounds and coffee filters in there. They are part of my Kitchen Browns. Once this is filled I take it outside to mix with the rest of my collection of greens and browns. This is so much fun!


Here's my compost bin. It's called the Earth Machine and it only cost us $20. Twenty dollars for Los Angeles residents, which my sister is. Since she is not planning on composting she gave it to me. Sweet!
Here's also a partial view of my all natural drier. No charge for electricity use here.

Inside I've already covered the ground with with Yard Browns.

The top twists off for adding kitchen and yard waste. There is a door on the front bottom that slides up for compost removal . The door also has a place to put a lock to keep raccoons or other animals out. It's fastened to the ground with four pegs that get screwed into the ground. 

So simple to install. I look forward to the maintenance of stirring and adding different layers of greens and browns. I was given a pamphlet for care and maintenance of my new compost bin. I can also look online for more information if I need it.
This is a great project for me. I'm excited and pleased to be able do more recycling. 
Here's a link for a worm bin which is great for people with limited space or apartment dwellers. I'm thinking of starting one myself.

My next step is to research what types of vegetables I'll be able to grow.  Have I mentioned that one of my favorite shows as a young girl was The Waltons.
                                          photo from Google/

I also wear an apron and my toot likes being barefoot just like her mama. And only when we don't have company. 


  1. That's great ... i'm looking forward to do the same in a "no"( hope so) long future.
    The film is a wonderful one.
    Have a great day

  2. We're having a childrens class on worms at the Fullerton Arboretum this Sunday. We're letting every kid take home a worm in a little container with some compostable scraps. Too bad you're so far away.

  3. Pura,
    I thought of Rhonda over at Down to Earth. She has been a big inspiration for me to change my ways and not feel embarrassed to feel this way about Simplifying.
    I'm glad I'm inspiring others to do the same.

    It's nice of you to come by. I've been checking into your blog and it looks like you are going through some changes with your blog. I'll be saying hello over there soon.

    That sounds great for the kids. I'm looking forward to making this with my daughter. I know she'll love it. She really likes touching the worms when we find them in the dirt.
    Have fun with your class.

  4. Just wondering.... What are you going to do with all this wonderful compost?

  5. Manny,
    grow my own vegetables and herbs. Recycle and reuse. Sounds all good to me. I may also trade with other green thumbs. I may even give some of my harvest away.
    Something to remember in the future, "Soylent Green is People!".

  6. Hi Anna! I've been so busy lately that I haven't had anytime to post anything new. School is great! Yes, my Dad is building his first piece. Its coming out great, I just need to post a few pictures soon. I still have Natalie's Christmas present, so whenever you have any extra time in your day let me know, and I'll stop by! :) Congratulations on you new home!

  7. Hi pl come over to