Friday, December 12, 2008

Great day for a stroll at the zoo

These goats were loving the sun. They were probably meditating and getting ready for the mob of school children heading their way in a few minutes. 


I relaxed after being in their space of calm. 
It set the pace for us as we continued our trek through the park.

A day at the zoo was our gift to Melissa for her 23rd Birthday. 
Happy Birthday Melissa!

I was impressed with all the new exhibits at the zoo. This is under construction. 


  1. Yeah, I always liked the goat exhibit at the Houston zoo, but was freaked out when one pulled a zoo map from my back pocket and ate it!

  2. Cute photos! - the meaning of christmas is other than the spending one - i totally agree with you.

  3. Nine,
    Those goats are huge! I'd freak out too if one of them started munching on me. Meditative goats is good for me and my gal.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Will you be baking some of your great looking bread or cookies? Yummmy!
    Warm hugs to you.