Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forensics in my Kitchen


 Bone Marrow

Dry Skin

Ode to My Mind:

There is so much to observe. 
Every little detail is a whole new world. 
Sometimes I look too hard and I forget to stand back to look at the big picture. 
This is a cold case.

We're going to the dentist tomorrow unexpected and overdue appointment.  A hump on the road and we will get through this. This=I do know.  

Update: Everything is good in the teeth department for my Toot. No cavities! Hurray! She just needed a little cleaning. I can breath now


  1. Were you looking at charts on the wall at the dentists office? These are so funny. I am speechless!! :)

  2. No. This is me after obsessively looking online at different images of diseased teeth. I was getting morbid and imagining the worst for the Toot's first dentist appointment.

    Aaaaahhhhh! Relief. I really did get carried away with my imagination.

    Thank goodness I don't drink anymore.

  3. with gym and yoga i have been able to maintain myself fairly well until today..but thanks to carelessness i often visit the dentist..good u escaped..congrats..


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