Friday, October 3, 2008

October Field Trip to Huntington Gardens

I'm not a big fan of the heat, but I do love desert plants. Yesterday the Toot and I went to the Huntington Gardens on their free day. There's a whole procedure that we have to go through to get tickets for their one day of the month that we can get in for free. Well, I got tickets a month ago for yesterday and the Toot and I went on our own this time. I usually get five tickets and invite three friends or a relative to come along, but not this time. I wanted to take my time and walk a little more than usual. All their gardens are amazing and I especially enjoy their desert gardens. The Toot is also a little more easygoing so I was able to take some photos.

Lovely landscape. I could easily stand there and get lost in the varieties, textures and shapes. The colors are a pallete I'm comfortable with and it would be nice to someday have a garden like this. Someday!

The flies were attracted to this flower. It's probably an insect eating plant. There were some carcasses in this one.

There's a little frog at the bottom left in the small pool of water. This was a nice surprise when I looked closer at the photo after downloading.


A pretty hat.

Great hair.

Pretty colors. The black tips are what caught my eyes.


This is in the Children's Garden.


  1. Oh how cute the little girl!

    I love the hug and the long hair and the photography is killer!!!

    The little frog just melted me.


  2. Thanks Jesse,
    This was a great day. I had a great time photographing plants. I'm hoping to take more photos now that it's getting cooler.

    That little girl is my girl and she lights up like the sun when we are out in nature.

  3. She is beautiful yust like you.

    Take care,