Monday, September 29, 2008

A Break from Painting

I've finished this piece and I am very pleased with it. Now, I plan on taking my inventory of paintings and making something extra with the images. I do have ideas hovering overhead and I plan on making them come to life. 

The second photo is the before view and I was about two thirds done. 

I will still be making quick sketches and posting them here. This way I won't get rusty and my images stay moving from thought to paper or computer. Also, I should start taking photos with my new camera. 
We had light showers this morning and the colors outside were inspiring for my palate. This piece has an abundance of water in it. My rain dance painting is a prayer for some cooler weather. The Toot is eager and ready to wear her gently used red raincoat we got from a friend. 


  1. Thanks Pura,
    This was a fun piece to work on. I didn't struggle with it at all. It's nice when that happens.
    Nice to hear from you!