Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mi Altar para Dia de los Muertos

I haven't had time to post. I've been painting. Adding photos to my altar of family and friends who have passed on. Taking the Toot to her class. Getting her clothes ready for the cold weather. Going to the library to get new books to read. I've baked a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting for my brother in law Guzie, and it was delicious! I love this weather because I can cook and bake again. Home smells and feels great!

I will be putting up photos of the altar today. My battery is charging at the moment. The little one is sleeping and I've got some Mabo Tofu to make!

I'm going to be working on a group of pieces and I will be posting them on Etsy. These will be originals and hopefully I can get them up in a month. I have to give myself a deadline or else I won't get them done soon.

Got to go. I have to take advantage of this nap time.

...........................I'm back (4 hours later) and here are my photos....

My nephew Gilbert

My uncle Estanislado "Stanley" or "Tanis"

My grandmother Antelma (Anselma)

My husband's father Pedro and brother Peter (top row right and 2nd row #4)

My mother Dolores and grandmother Domitila

My friend Thelma

My mother again

Our friend Bob A.

My uncle Mario and again my grandmother Domitila

My cousin Eric

My dog Ashley

I will be adding more things to the altar as we get closer to November 2nd.


  1. I used to build an alter every year as a kid when my grandmother lived with us.

  2. I've been making my altars for a while now. It's a nice way of remembering everyone who has passed on. A gentle connection.
    Maybe you should make one. They are a lot of fun. Keep it simple.



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