Monday, October 8, 2007

Composition 1 "Leaves"

It would be nice to have a full hour to do some sketches or some simple line drawings. It would be nice. So instead I'm photographing compositions because it is quick and it is the only time I can pinch while tending to the little Toot.
She and I were at the park this afternoon and I got so involved in choosing the leaves for my composition. I loved the warm colors and the delicate dry skins. This made the trip to the park a little more interesting for both of us. I like it when there aren't a lot of kids and parents because the conversations can be so dull. There is so much to discover when I look closely at what is around me. I did see cigarette butts and trash too and I could easily get some disgusting images, but let's not go there. No, let's stick to the pretty. And breatttthhhhhe. Enjoy!


  1. Nice composition...

    one more "e"?...:-)

  2. Thank you.
    This is deja vu. I stayed up an hour longer last night to read "Teacher Man" and I wake up to see a spelling error noted by my Teacher Man. This book reminds me of you and I often wonder about your personal experiences as a teacher.

    I apologize for my spelling and grammar. I must keep practicing.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Waaaay back in the 6th or 7th grade, during the school's spelling bee competition, I was given the word "breathe."

    "Breathe. b..r..e..a..t..h...............(I debated adding an "e")...(Decision: No)..."Breathe."

    A sad little smile from the person calling the words, and I knew my spelling bee career had ended.

    It's all learning; apologies are not indicated.

    2nd "leaves" nice.

  4. I won't be forgetting that "e" from now on.

    Hmmm......Did you make up that story?

    You don't have to answer that. It's a cute story and it made me smile.