Friday, August 10, 2007

With a little help from my nephew.

Thank you Manny for showing me how to load a photo on my header!
What do you think?
I am so lucky to have my nephew to give me a little help when I finally ask.
I'm trying to get him to post his photos in a blog so we can all see his work. I'll keep encouraging you!

Hi MaryLou! (Nice picture of you two.)


  1. DO I look that fat in person? No probs in helping you, you know I love to help you where I can.

  2. This is an old picture.
    Come on over again so I can take a new photo. I'll do a before and after. You have lost weight since this photo was taken.

    It's also easier with photoshop to trim off the excess we've accumulated with delicious foods.

    I love you anyway you look!