Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's Cool! I Can Dig It!

The day is cooler. So I will be putting up images of artwork to sell on Etsy today.

The Gorilla is at a baseball card show enjoying an early Birthday gift from me. This is what he wanted and I was happy to give him $$$ to get whaever he liked. He does this for me on my birthdays, except I get to go to Blick's Art Supplies. I have a wonderful time choosing colors or media I've never used before. He is in his element and having a great time!

My Strita is taking her nap and it's a nice break for me. This cool day is a respite from the dizzying summer heat. It's difficult for me to think straight when it is hot. I can feel the wires shorting in my brain when it gets too warm. Zzzzzt!

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