Monday, September 7, 2009

Here's a little something I made as a birthday gift for my second cousin,Citlali. It was a lot of fun to make and I know now what direction I'll be going with my Etsy store.

Saturday I went to buy more art supplies to make more pieces like this. The art supply store is always a great place for me to visit. Especially when I've got a $100 dollar gift certificate. On trips like this I always bring along plenty of meter money for parking so I can take my time. This is a methodical task which I take much pleasure in executing. When I step inside the store I feel the creative energy like a strong wind and I'm On!

An hour later I'm walking out with a bag full of 6 bottles of liquid acrylic paints, Matt finish spray, 2 nice detail brushes, 7 basic brushes for loose work, 2 sketchbooks for my Toot, 1 tube of titanium white acrylic, 20 tiny viles with airtight seals, and 1 box of Sculpy. This is all I need to keep me happy. I must get to bed so I can get an early start.

Good Night!


  1. The pressie looks wonderful and your shopping spree sounds a lot like what I do, too often for my liking - it is so much fun to buy all these magic supplies, then set aside relaxation time to actually use it. Enjoy your new purchases and I look forward to seeing your new creations :D

  2. The art piece looks beautiful Anna. Any moment is right for creativity...have a gr8 time!!!


  3. Val Zdero,
    Hello and welcome! Since I've posted this I have managed to start five new pieces. When the creative vibes are present there is no stopping me. I make time no matter what.
    Thanks for posting a comment. I look forward to following your progress. I love what you are doing with your jewelry.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes I question whether I should continue with some ideas. I appreciate the feedback. I've got a good feeling about this path I'm taking. Why not-I'm having fun! That's all that matters.