Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is a nice weekend And Productive!

I love this weather. Yesterday when we went to the market there was a pleasant breeze that's been long overdue. Yes! I welcome it. I made this last night in Illustrator and could have gone on with more flowers. When I look at it now - I know I will do more to it. Let's see what I have time to do tonight.

The Artist's gaze.

The Artist's pause.


  1. Hi how are you? I like your blog and would like to become friends are you up to it?
    Come and visit my site sometime, and please comment. If you do, I will do the same thanks,
    and take care.

  2. Hi Jesse,
    Very nice to meet you. I've checked out your blog and I like what you've got going over there. I'd be glad to visit and comment. I see we have a friend in common, Bill W. I celebrated 14 on 9/1.
    -Thank you for posting a comment. It's always nice to meet new artists.

  3. Beautiful little girl!! ... proud of her work she looks ;)