Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Till Dark my Sweet...what ever happened to Jason Patrick

I've been getting the vehicle ready for driving around town. Paperwork and what not. Tomorrow we are off to the Huntington Gardens again. As my Toot gets older I am able to enjoy some of my favorite things to do. She's able to walk into a gallery and not cause a scene. She's in training and I'm more eager to show her Art than trying to get her to use The Potty. There is so much to see and I'm so excited for her. My sister and her husband will be joining this time. I'm hoping to get some nice photos to put up here.

This heat is getting to be a bore. Give me rain and clouds for the creative flow! I'm sitting here numb from the heat. Blahhh!

So, any comments about the new music when you click onto my blog? Should I keep it or lose it? It keeps surprising me when I click on it. Sometimes the sound on my computer is on too loud and it scares the pulgas out of me.

No photos today.


  1. Good vehicle you've got ... happy rides to you ;)
    The sound of the music is ok, but i do think that it really is up to your desire, because if you leave it to people likes or dislikes you will be in a turmoil of sensations rounding you up and down.
    Have a great day.

  2. You made me smile. You are right about getting in a turmoil. I am actually not surprised that I got a quick response to my question. It was hot and the heat makes me look for trouble.

    The music stays for a bit more. At least until I get tired of it.

    Welcome to my sound of music.