Thursday, July 24, 2008

Having fun learning!

 sketch: made with markers
It's the morning and I'm trying to sneak in a few minutes to post here . I've been trying to get back to our schedule here at home by cleaning and organizing in small spurts. I'm putting baby clothes that the Toot's outgrown into bags to give to a young family my sister knows. We've received some new "used" clothes for the Toot and now I've got to wash them and put them in drawers. I'm also starting to collect more learning material, art supplies, and musical instruments that also need to get sorted and put into bins, bags, and drawers. This is fun for me. When I was a girl I always enjoyed playing teacher or librarian and organizing my books and supplies. I've got an eager student and it's all coming back to me! 

I am reading about Parenting and Homeschooling because I'm still learning myself and it's nice to get some ideas where I have no idea what to do. We aren't interested in putting her in preschool and I know I can teach her the basics, but mostly I want her to have a love of learning new things everyday. I am grateful that I can be home with my little one to Love and Learn.

Speaking of learning....this  is a camera I got for my birthday (it's pretty!). I'm currently reading the manual to learn how to use it. It's a lot of camera for me, but with some reading I know I can manage it. I should be able to get some nice nature photos from it. 


  1. I've been waiting for you to post this.
    DaDa bought me a D-40.

  2. OOH I'm excited for you.
    I love new toys. go to flickr and search d-40 to see what other folks have done with it. in fact search your other camera I forget what model you have.
    i do it from time to time to see what the possibilities are.

  3. Yes, I love my Dad and he knows it. He knows that I would be happy to spend my birthday (or any day) out in nature with him. This was a nice surprise, I must say.

    Did you get a little green in the head from waiting? I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you.

    I'm so busy with home stuff that I hardly have time to learn how to use it. The Toot's sitting on my lap as I'm finishing off this post. I'm afraid of having an accident with it when I've got the little one climbing all over me. I'll post some photos soon!