Monday, April 21, 2008

What's for Dinner Mom?

Today, my darlings, we will be having a "Cheesy Pasta Dinner". 

I got this recipe from "Tammy's Recipes" blog. I've been a regular there because her recipes are quick and easy to make.... good too! She's inspired me with my homemaking and motherhood. Here is the recipe.

It was already delicious at this stage

The great part of this recipe is all the different vegetables in it. 

So easy to make.

I'm taking advantage of this wonderful cool weather and making a recipe that requires the oven.

Very tasty dish. I had most of the ingredients, except for the ground beef and cheddar cheese. 


  1. ya make me hungry! I'm coming to your house to eat!!! good to see you guys out there. hope you had fun:)--------liz

  2. I couldn't resist taking a photo. All the colors reminded me of painting.

    Yes, we had a great time watching your dance group perform on Sunday. You've got a great group who looked so happy to be dancing for all of us.

    I forgot my camera and wish I hadn't. I would have had some great photos to put up here.
    M is so good sitting beside you. You deserve a medal for all that you do for your kids. You're an inspiration.