Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Eureka! I've figured it out!

This piece has gone through different stages and mediums. It started off as a sketch in my sketchbook. I then scanned the image (no color). Then worked on the background in Illustrator. I then had to move into a different application because Illustrator wasn't giving me the results I wanted. So I went to Painter and I hit the jackpot of painting and drawing applications. This was fun and I've got to stop here because it's getting late. I will be continuing tomorrow. It's addicting! I know I won't be able to sleep and may even dream about what I can do next. Fun dreams for sure.


  1. This one's terrific, Anna. The hair in particular reminds me of an Al Hirschfeld caricature; it has me looking for the NINAs drawn into the lines.

  2. Hi there Shepcat! Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
    Yes, I can see the similarities in Hirschfeld's work. I was familiar with his work, but I didn't know his name. Interesting info about the NINA's.

    Nice of you to post a comment. You were a big influence in getting me started with this blog. I'm having fun with it.

    Take care and Be Happy.

  3. There is a wonderful Hirschfeld on the wall in The Frolic Room. If you can remember back to your darker days.

  4. I knew I had seen his work before. The Frolic Room, I remember it well....except for the wallpaper. I was always too drunk to remember such details by the time I left. Que sera sera!