Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Green around the gills

I will have to be honest. I have been too tired and a bit lazy to post lately. This past weekend was a rough one on our sleeping schedule. The Gorilla went to three baseball games and the Toot and I went with him to the third game on Monday.

Yesterday I started an exercise class at the local community center. Ugggg! I'm out of shape and in dire need of getting back into shape. This was the first time I felt nauseous after exercising. It was a good thing that the Gorilla and the Toot came by and drove me back home. I trudged on to the bathroom and chucked my way back to recovery around the porcelain bowl. And I'll be going back for more next week.

Today I'm sore, but I feel great. I got plenty of sleep and I finished another painting. A photo may be up tomorrow.

I've also finished the books that I've been reading and it feels strange to not have anything new to read. Since I don't want to fork out any money to buy full price, I may stop at the Goodwill to see what they have.

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