Thursday, March 13, 2008

She Is for Horses

Another fantastic day! The Toot and I went to visit my friend Liz and this is where we were this morning. Liz and her daughter are volunteers at the Willie Ross Foundation -Equestrian Program. This was a great experience which I will never forget. Thank you Liz!
Liz is an artist and she also teaches Pacific Island dance. You can read more about her dancing here and her art here.

This is Kolohe and he was a sweetheart to let my little Toot ride on his back.

Getting ready to be saddled up.

This is her first time on a horse and she wasn't afraid to get on. I was so proud and excited for her. Yes, I was the one afraid, but I really wanted her to experience this. Just do it! I got a lump in my throut from watching her ride with no sign of fear.

This is a different horse that I caught enjoying the heat and sand. Beautiful Animals.

This was our view while we ate our lunch. I didn't want to leave. It was beautiful and I truly enjoy conversations with Liz.


  1. Hey these are great. Thanks for plugging Willy Ross. Oh yeah, and me:p I hadn't been to the site that's my girl all over it! It's sgreat to see these photos up. What a fun day that was! We'll have to do it again sometime.

  2. We had a fantastic time with you and I learned so much from your tour. I wanted to spread the word around about you and all your talents.
    I thought it was your girl on the banner of the Willie Ross site. Cool!
    I already have someone who wanted to know more about your dance class. Just spreading the word.
    I'm very proud of you. You are doing a terrific job with your kids and you are an inspiration.
    Thank you for the books! I wiped them clean and they are as good as new.