Monday, March 24, 2008

A Day of Celebration

My little Toot has been with us two amazing years! We let her have cake and ice cream all on her own because this was her day. I don't let her have candy and hardly anything sugary like this, but for her birthday I had to let her loose and she loved it. 
Enjoy sweetie pie! 

I baked and decorated the cake myself. I tried to let her help, but she lost interest after the sprinkles were put away.  It came out pretty good. Having My Girl has taken me back to my youth, when I used to bake and decorate birthday cakes for the family. I was so lucky to have a mother and father who made time for us and a do it yourself attitude that has stayed with me all my life. I will be passing these principals to my one and only girl. These are the best gifts any parent could give their children. We are blessed.

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