Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rest your Tired Dogs.

I'm only showing the rear of the sneakers. I want the rest to be seen by my nephew first before I put more views up for everyone else to see. I'm pleased with the finished results. Working on canvas sneakers was a nice challenge and the paint was a good change for me. These two cute domesticated carnivorous mammals are, "Fonzy and Candy". 

Now that I'm done here with this project I can charge ahead with some portraits that I've got started in different stages. 

I'm also going start something with the Super Sculpey which I got a while back. I might just attempt making an insect of some sort. 

1 comment:

  1. These are terrific. So what would you charge to custom make some? Maybe some with horses or darth vader?!!! I want to see the rest of it now! I bet this would sell easily because people love one of a kind and they would love special orders. I would take these to some specialty shops for kids in say .... San Marino.... Okay then, off to sue my school district now! What joy!!!