Friday, February 8, 2008

Two Swimmies for Etsy Project

I've been busy with my store and trying to get more involved with the Etsy community. Here is a great article about the direction Etsy is heading towards. It sounds very exciting and I want to be a part of it. Read: Etsy's First Five Years.

Then I read this article about a fun project to get Etsy people involved in a Handmade Diorama. I jumped on the project and made two Swimmies. This is so exciting! Tomorrow I mail them both to Brooklyn, N.Y.

You can also see other Swimmies from other crafters and artists here. I am also in this group and I've made a Flikr account. This was a very productive day! Fun! Fun! Fun!

I am going to work on the second one a little more. It needs a little more weight around the edges. It needs something. I will post a new photo tomorrow.

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